EPDM Roofing

Rubber EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a thermostat material that is fully-cured prior to being installed on it cures during natural weathering after the installation.They are single-ply membranes which means there is only one ply of roofing material, and not multiple plies laminated together.  

The EPDM is a rubber material consisted of ethylene and propylene. When die is added to the mix, a flexible rubber matrix is formed. This mix allows the material to be shaped and fitted, covering a roof and ultimately helping prevent future roof leaks. 

Why EPDM Roofing Systems

If you have a flat or gently sloping roof and have noticed leaks, then a Rubber EPDM may be your answer. It is relatively inexpensive, simple to install and fairly clean to work with when compared to conventional built-up roofs. Properly installed Rubber EPDM should last between 12 and 25 years. Although the lifespan of an EPDM roof is relatively long, it would be a good idea to have regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance. This will ensure you get the very most out of your EPDM roofing system. EPDM is highly resistant to wind damage and has been designed to withstand significant wind storms.  It is designed as a commercial roofing product and not as a residential roofing system, which should give building owners and facility managers a great peace of mind.      

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