Roofing Breakdown

There are many reasons why a roof begins to breakdown. Not all are as simple as you may think.  Below are some of the ways a roof can begin to let your building down:

  • Neglect - Not fixing an existing problem in a timely manner can become more significant over time.
  • Mother Nature - The sun, wind, rain, snow and thuderstorms can be the source of roof damage.
  • Building Settlement - Expansion and contraction of a building can be harmful for a roofing system.
  • Lack of Maintenance - Proper inspection and simple maintenance can prolong the life of a roof.
  • Interior Matters - The humidity inside a building can cause significant condensation problems in the roofing system.

We highly recommend engaging in our preventative maintenance program so that you can avoid long term damage and expensive repairs. If you are in the metro Atlanta area and would like a free roof inspection, contact B&L General Contractors today!